Before the World Wakes
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Before the World Wakes

Tommy Merlyn had never been much of one for conspiracies.  He always took things at face value, believed in what could be seen and little else.

But ever since his best friend went missing over two years ago, things had changed.

Because Oliver Queen wasn’t just his best friend-- the two had grown up together, they were practically brothers.

And that made Oliver’s disappearance and alleged death a little harder to accept.

Tommy didn’t talk about it much, but he always wondered if Oliver was alive.

He always had that gnawing in the back of his mind telling him he should be looking for Oliver,

telling him that he had to have proof- one way or the other- before he could accept that his best friend was gone for good.

If he were being honest with himself, Tommy was never really good at letting things go.

His father called it having a soft heart, making it sound like a weakness to destroy, but he always kept a strong hold on it.

It was why he so seldom got attached to women, terrified that he’d lose someone the same way he lost his mother and Oliver. So it was better to keep the girls he dated at arms length.

An infamous billionaire playboy to the core, he spent his time enjoying women whose names he would never learn and phone numbers he would never acquire.

Tommy Merlyn protected himself first and foremost.

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