Before the Precipice
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Before the Precipice

By his nature, Prowl was not a vain mech. His finish was often dull or imperfect, depending on if an investigation was either full swing or stalling badly.

The demands of his function would always came before the cosmetics of his frame.

If confronted, Prowl would willingly admit, without shame, that the overall care of his frame fell low on his list of priorities.

The Enforcers were his first priority, a reality that was not at all flattering when one considered his was the originator of two young mechs.

The Praxian Enforcer took another critical look at his reflection.

Though he had considered completely replacing his colour-nanites, Prowl had opted instead to simply touch up the defects in his finish and then polish his plating to a low shine.

He thought, as he looked at his reflection, that he looked like what he was, Praefectus Vigilum, chief of Praxus' Enforcers.

His honours were written neatly on his doorwings, as they were with all Praxian Enforcers. They were the only ornament Prowl wore.

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