Before I Take My Flesh Away
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Before I Take My Flesh Away

Lily Salvatore screamed. Dark curls of hair plastered to her forehead, everything seemed to cling too close to her as her chest heaved with labored breaths.

Between her legs, a midwife and a doctor worked franticly as another painful contraction seized her body.

Shouting out, Lily bit off her cries and ground her teeth together with such strength, she feared her teeth would shatter.

Nearby, a young nurse fanned Lily while another patted her forehead with a damp towel that wasn’t nearly cool enough to provide any relief.

“Enough!” Lily barked at the useless man between her legs, who called himself a doctor. Men were scarcely allowed into a birth room and Lily was beginning to see why, “I am at my wit’s

. Call for Hagar!” She gasped as the child within her twisted.

“But Madame, that is highly inappropriate, your husband has already provided—”

“I don’t care!

” Lily snarled as her pale blue eyes snapped open to glare at the doctor, “Fetch her from the slave quarters; she’s delivered countless children for her sisters,

which is more than you can say— !” She cried, before dissolving into another scream as the doctor rushed from the room, reluctantly obedient.

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