Bedtime for Sapna
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Bedtime for Sapna

Sapna was in Illyana's bedroom in bed with Illyana. Booger (Sapna's pet demon) was snoozing at the foot of the bed.

Sapna asked with a little sad voice.

(Mother and Father in Hini)

Before they abandoned her here in Limbo after her mutant power manifested.

Sapna began to cry again.

Illyana gave her a tight hug and said comforting words.

Sapna had a good long cry (one of many to come). Afterwards she asked a question while sniffling.

Illyana answered honestly after some hesitation.

A soft and tearful

from Sapna.

Sapna began to weep again and gave out a plaintive and heart wrenching bawl

Sapna was crying on her cot in her tent.

It was late, very late, and she only had her pet demon Booger for company (Booger was a good listener but not very helpful).

The tent she had shared with her Mother and Father was now empty but for her and her pet (nobody else wanted to stay in the same tent with her and the other kids her age were not friendly

and were very scared of her as well).

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