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Special Agent Melvin Purvis stepped into the small hospital’s main lobby, quickly getting the attention of a passing nurse. “Excuse me,” he said as he took off his hat.

“But I’m looking for my colleague. He was brought in late last night. Gun shot wound.”

She frowned. “Several gentlemen were brought in with gunshot wounds last night,” she said as she went up to the main desk and picked up the clipboard used to catalog new admittances.

“Not all of them survived.”

“I am aware of that, ma’am. I’m looking for one my agents. Carter Baum.” Purvis flashed his badge.  “I called earlier and was told he was out of surgery.”

She checked her clipboard. “He is, actually.” She looked up, her frown deepening. “And the doctor left orders for him not to be disturbed.”

“I understand that,” Purvis said with a nod. “But the Bureau is on a manhunt for a dangerous criminal that may be still in the area.

I assume you’ve heard of John Dillinger?” At her wide-eyes stare, he continued. “Agent Baum may have vital information concerning his whereabouts.

For the public’s safety, I do need to speak to him immediately.” He held up his hand, a solemn look on his face. “I give you my word, I won’t be long, and I’ll try not to tire him unduly.”

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