Beauty Of The Impossible
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Beauty Of The Impossible

Since I decided to settle down in my life first thing I had done was apply to the police academy and finally I succeed it, now I was sitting on my desk, waiting for some excitement.

It was almost a month now, I was a cop, I used to hate cops when I was a teenager, now I was one of them.

I know I was just started to work but still my aim was having a big fancy reputation, I wanna get one of those big promotion, I aware that I have long road for something like that,

it doesn't matter anyway I always get what I want, so I will figure that out too.


After first month in station, I was getting called by captain that looks bad, I never hear or see anyone getting called by him, he also looks pissed, what did I do, did I screw this up,

all I do was sitting and boring for days.

He gave me a high sign and he entered in lieutenants room, I go after him, I was so scared, I know that couldn't be a good thing, everyone looking at me now, I enter the room

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