Be the one to take me home
Be the one to take me home au male pregnancy stories

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Be the one to take me home

The season has ended. Half of the Real Madrid squad is lounging in Cristiano's backyard. No football for three months, nothing to do.

They are discussing about their possible destination for vacation.

"Guys what do you think about Bali ?" Marcelo asked.

"Too hot" James shrugged.

"Ibiza ?"

"Too old" Bale snapped.

"Rio ???"

"Hot and humid again my friend" James pointed out once again.

"What the fuck is your problem with the weather ?" Marcelo literally yelled at all of them.

"Why the fuck does it have to be a beach ?" Benzema asked showing no appreciation towards the other man's effort of hour long internet surfing to find a perfect vacation spot.

"Everyone is not a fan of tanned skin like- comes our man" Benzema looks up at the tall figure coming out from the house.

Cristiano enters the backyard, wearing red shorts, bare chest showing off his sun-kissed skin. The aviator and the diamond glistening on his ear is making him look even more hot.

He places the basket full of ice and beer bottles down for the rest. Sergio who was following him placed down the huge chicken basket and sat beside Iker resting his head on his shoulder.

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