Be the change you want to see
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Be the change you want to see

(Brendan and Ste)

Ste tapped his shoe against the stone and shifted his weight from one side to the other.

This seemed like a bad idea – but then there had been a lot of bad ideas in the last two weeks, not all of them his own. He took a step forward, then spun around and stalked over to the railing.

The iron was cool, still wet from the rain that morning. Even the air had held onto the damp, adding yet one more mark to the growing tally of dreary days this past month. His lip curled.

Wrestling with his decision at home had been bad enough. The thought of changing his mind on the doorstep was maybe worse.

More a creature of impulse than anything else, his simple irritation was enough to spur Ste forward. Resolute, he marched over to the colorful blue door and rapped smartly.

After a good five minutes passed he rapped again..

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