Be Still My Dead Unbeating Heart
Be Still My Dead Unbeating Heart russ finally accepts his feeeeeeelingssssss...sorta stories

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Be Still My Dead Unbeating Heart

Russ was still pretty smug about solving the criminal’s fake suicide. Thankfully the ledge was wide enough… and that he was a vampire or else he may have actually died.

He smirked to himself at his little joke during the case meeting.

However, he quickly sobered when he started arguing with Milt. Again.

It seemed that no matter how many cases he and the human solved,

they would continue to fight but the difference between their first meeting and now was that their bickering seemed to be more…tame in comparison to before.

Then Holly started talking. Russ was still somewhat hesitant around her.

Thankfully Jacocks never mentioned the flowers incident again, but she was still adamant about Russ telling Holly his feelings. Which the vampire vowed to never do.

No matter what she OR Milt said. Weirdly enough, it no longer bothered him even when he would end up seeing Holly get picked up by her boyfriend time and again. He inwardly sighed in relief.

He managed to finally let go of any stupid flowery hopes of relationships or love. He was fine alone.

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