Be My Prince
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Be My Prince

The first thing Aoba noticed when he came to was that the floor underneath him was rocking. And it was making him feel sick.

Groaning, he tried to move only to freeze when he realized he couldn’t actually move his arms or legs at all. “The hell?” He slurred, trying to look around to see what was holding him down.

Shifting his arms slightly, he realized there was some sort of material used to tie him up. It wasn’t rope.

It was too soft to be rope and it wasn’t chafing his arms or legs like he knew rope would. It must be some sort of cloth. Sighing heavily, he let his head lay against the hard floor.

His body ached; head hurt and his arms were starting to fall asleep. He tried calling out to whoever had done this to him but when he tried to yell, all he could do was gasp and cough.

Great, now his throat hurt after that coughing fit. Sighing again, he looked around to try and get a bearing on his surroundings.

But of course all he could see where crates, barrels, a few hammocks and what he thought were a few swords but he couldn’t really tell.

Without much to do at this point, Aoba settled back down and tried to shimmy his way out of the bindings around his wrist.

He should have known something like this was bound to happen to him some day.

His “father” was King of Midorijima and even though he was technically illegitimate (the public wasn’t aware of this, or that he had a younger twin brother),

he was still the Prince and was the only heir to the throne at the moment.

And unless the King’s true wife suddenly had a son, Aoba was going to be King some day and he had quite the price over his head.

He had been told all his life that there was a chance he would be captured and held for ransom by strange people who could possibly hurt him.

He just hadn’t thought it would actually happen to him. Hell, he was sure Sei would be the first one of the two of them to get kidnapped with how quiet and weak the younger was. Not him.

He had been distracted though. Well, that’s what he was trying to convince himself was what had happened.

He had been walking down the stream pretty far from the palace when he had been ambushed and a cloth had gone over his face. Next thing he knew, he was on this ship. Which was rocking. A lot.

And it was making him nauseas.

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