Battle-Scarred : Aftermath
Battle-Scarred : Aftermath thor (marvel) stories

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A written piece by darke15 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Battle-Scarred : Aftermath

"There are no ex-soldiers. Our title is earned, never given, and what's earned is yours forever."

You took a deep breath and began to exhale when you pulled the trigger. Your rifle kicked back into your shoulder and hit it’s mark, in the head of a Chitauri.

You pulled back the bolt, making the casing launch out of the rifle and then pushed the bolt back forward.

“Another one down Cap, locked and loaded, ready for another,” You spoke calmly into your headset.

“Thanks Lieutenant,” Steve said, sounding strained, “Keep ‘em off our backs”

“You got it,” You chirped, looking around from the building you were perched on.

Another Chitauri invader swooped over your head and you took no time in aiming and firing, resulting in his chariot exploding.

You ducked out of the way of the incoming debris and felt heat waft over you. Looking down at the city below, you could see that you were more than outnumbered.

Looking up at the portal in the sky, you let out a small growl. “Barton, what’s your status”

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