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Bathtime Fun

In its vantage point on the lake, Toran Castle prospered.

News of the Liberation Army's successes and their young leader Tir McDohl's earnest efforts brought a constant stream of diplomats, soldiers, merchants and wanderers to the island fortress.

Two of Tir McDohl's guards and servants, Cleo and Pahn, had grown closer after the battle with their former master Teo McDohl.

With many new allies in his entourage, Tir had asked for their help less often in recent times.

While Cleo and Pahn appreciated the downtime, both also shared concern about how their ward was becoming more secluded and distant after successive tragedies brought on by the war.

And while they had seen how the Soul Eater's awesome power had helped them in several battles, they were also concerned for Tir's growing reliance on the destructive rune.

Yet, the war marched on, and Tir's never-faltering leadership had seen the Liberation Army advancing to become a beacon of hope against the imperial oppression,

surviving the Empire's vicious attacks.

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