Bastard In Training
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Bastard In Training

Rick lifts Billy, unzipping the Scot's coat and throwing it aside before he pulls off the man's sodden shirt. Billy groans, tangled in the garment as he squawks in protest. "Hey!"

Rick opens his own coat, hitches Billy's half-naked form into his arms, pressing their bodies together until he can feel Billy's heart thrumming lightly against his chest.

"It's nothing personal," he quips.

Billy shifts, shuddering. "Feels a bit personal," he mutters. "I like you and all, but my interests are purely platonic."

Rick snorts. "We're stranded in a blizzard and you just fell into a lake," he reminds Billy. "This place may keep the snow out, but it doesn't have any insulation.

If we want to stay alive, body heat is our best option."

Humming, Billy's eyelids flutter closed and he seems to relax into Rick's crushing grip, his skin icy and frigid. "See," he breathes, the words hard to hear. "It's very personal."

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