Barren of Itself
Barren of Itself powerpuff girls stories

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Barren of Itself

- Benjamin, stop that. This is no laughing matter. We're about to meet our doom."

Ben lowered his hands from his face, unable to stop laughing at the notion that he had emerald orbs versus green eyes.

Since he was still stuck in the hospital wing he was trying his best to be quiet, but it was hopeless.

The last thing he had ever expected when Dexter arrived for his usual visit was a dramatic reading of one of Bubbles' Bexter fanfics.

The cheesy dialogue and the over-the-top, poetic descriptions, all delivered in Dexter's thick accent and deadpan tone of voice, was far more than Ben Tennyson could handle or contain.

Beside him, Dexter sat stony-faced, and one glance at the Titan-haired youth was quite enough to set him off again. Dexter yanked a pillow from beneath Ben's head to playfully smack him with it.

Grabbing it, he crushed it to his face with both hands, trying to stifle the hysterics. Finally, exhausted, he emerged.

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