Barney/Lee scenelets
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Barney/Lee scenelets

Walking into the hangar early, Toll and Caesar jerked to a stop at the sight of Lee caging Barney against the plane's left engine, the two kissing softly.

They looked at each other, not needing to communicate the idea of turning around. Then Toll shrugged and muttered quietly, "Nothing wrong with it.

Why should we make like it's shameful? Not like they're fucking. Let's just set up, they can join us later."

With another look at the two oblivious to their audience, Caesar nodded and they quietly set up chairs,

deliberately in a semi circle facing outward near the door in deference to their distracted friends, with the cooler they'd obviously set aside for the afternoon in the middle.

And then they caught the little clusters of team-members as they walked in with a wavedown for quiet.

Letting them see their bosses and the chairs and make the correct assumption all on their own.

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