Barbarella: The Remake
Barbarella: The Remake star wars original trilogy stories

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Barbarella: The Remake


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This fic does not follow the comics as much, due to the fact that the material would be out of date for a modern day audience.

The original featured plastic and furry sets and costumes made from cardboard.

The look of this remake is more inspired by Alien, Equilibrium, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Back To The Future Part II, Brazil, the Neo Seoul segment from Cloud Atlas,

Total Recall (1990), Neon Genesis: Evangelion  and even the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Anyway, let us begin:

In the year 2687, a young woman was coming home to her apartment on the planet Zalgo.

She was a 25 year old woman who just happened to work for the Galactic Government.

Her name was Barbarella.

A very charming, witty, kind, smart and brave woman who was absolutely stunning and had very big, long, fantastic brunette hair.

She was coming back from her fourth mission, which involved taking down a crime gang, the hardest job in her career.

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