Baptism by Fire
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Baptism by Fire

Grantaire was not a happy man. A cloud of apathy had settled over his life. It sapped the enjoyment and motivation from even the simplest things and left him feeling drained and hopeless.

He was beginning to wonder why he even bothered to get out of the bed in the mornings.

Outside, the weather had the audacity to be perfect. A clear blue sky, tinted mauve by the setting sun as it sunk behind the buildings.

He threw a scowl at the window and would have pulled the blinds closed – if they weren’t currently broken, hanging lopsided with the cord hopelessly unstrung.

Instead he popped the cap off a beer bottle and threw it at the sunset. It bounced off the window and skitted along the floor with a satisfying clatter.

His satisfaction didn’t last long, though. Throwing himself onto the ratty sofa he flicked through the TV guide, feeling more and more uninspired as he scrolled through the list.

By the time he’d completed a full cycle of the programs on offer he was too disgusted to watch anything. Instead he left it sitting on the guide, highlighting a shopping channel.

But even the obnoxious blue of the menu became irksome after a while.

He was about to throw something at the TV, throw himself out of the window, anything to break his incorrigible bad mood, when someone began knocking at his door.

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