Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
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A fan work by alleiradayne adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

A walk had done the trick. Anxiety was a bitch to live with, but Cullen was confident he was making progress every month.

A few techniques suggested by his therapist helped take the edge off and he found he could handle the rest.

But earlier that day, his job had pushed him to the limit and by the time he had left, he was surprised he had any teeth left to grind.

Now that he had taken some time to cool off, calm down, he no longer felt as though he was about to throw up. And he no longer felt like quitting his job, either.

No small feat, considering the last few contracts his security firm had taken on were for a few high profile people with rabid fans or equally rabid enemies.

He loved his work but he knew the stress was not healthy. As he walked through the park, he thought about alternatives. Maybe he could step down, take a less important position.

He did miss working in the field quite a bit. He was a man of action and sitting behind a desk, while safer, was easily more mentally taxing and stressful.

In the field, he could rely on his training and instincts. In the office, he had to make small talk and organize reports, neither of which he was very good at.

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