Baltimore Woods
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Baltimore Woods

At the edge of the kingdom sits a small patch of land called Wolf Trap, and beyond it lies the ill reputed Baltimore Woods.

Baltimore’s city center itself is much farther north and is a place bedecked in the wealth of its inhabitants.

The higher strata of society occupy the further north, their coffers filled higher than the city’s treasury.

These are areas that Will Graham eschews. However, today is the second Sunday of the month.

It’s required that on this day, he stock up on necessary household items, and this is something he has to make a trip to Baltimore to fulfill.

Winston whines and paws at the floor, the damp scent of Will’s old satchel flooding his nostrils and signaling what is to come.

The others pile into the room and frolic around him as he packs the measly amount of money he’s put aside for this errand.

The whining continues until he whistles loudly, causing all the dogs to fall eerily silent. Eight pairs of eyes never leave his back, as he gets ready.

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