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Felix’s day was not going well. He had fairly simple goals in life:

1. Go along with this crazy scheme so Mom and Dad would be safe

2. Keep Jenna out of trouble

3. Protect Sheba

and, most importantly,

4. Don’t let anyone get killed

He was currently failing spectacularly at goals one, two, and four, but if he had any sort of luck at all he still had a chance at achieving number three.

He’d forced his way to the top of the lighthouse just in time to see everything go wrong,

and now he stood at the edge of the central platform with one hand holding Sheba’s and the other clutching his sword, wondering whose side he ought to be on.

It should have been finished when Saturos lit the beacon, but the unleashed power was greater than he could have imagined, and Isaac - stupid,

Isaac, showing up just in time to make a mess of everything - was too reckless for his own good.

He’d barely won, the first time, and even with the beacon lit, and Saturos and Menardi fused together into some kind of fire-breathing abomination, he’d decided to fight again.

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