Ballad of the Azure Dragon
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Ballad of the Azure Dragon

One fine Tuesday in the middle of February at the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, Robin received a letter from an address he didn't recognize.

What made him regard it as more than just fanmail, however, was the fact that his name had been written as 'Robin Sadik' on the envelope rather than 'white haired male Robin', 'cyborg Robin',

'Cyborg Tactician', or any other descriptor. Whoever had sent this letter knew him by his full name, and there were very few people outside of the mansion who were aware of this.

Stranger yet was the fact that the handwriting was a perfectly uniform sans serif font, as if it had been typed out rather than scribbled on with a pen.

Most of the people who knew Robin's surname were from Ylisse, and they didn't exactly have access to computers there.

With these two details in mind,

Robin knew with almost utter certainty who this had come from despite the lack of a name on the envelope (with the letterhead of a random electronics store in the middle of the outlying city

in the place of a return address), and he was going to wait until he had a moment to himself without Shulk hovering over his shoulder to open it up and read it.

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