Bad Faith
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Bad Faith

It had been a long time since these halls had looked so foreboding.

Walking up the stairs in the dead of night with a half dozen Templars as an escort,

the grand arches of the doorways seemed to loom much taller than they had since Eliysium Surana had first arrived at the Circle of Magi, twelve years ago.

Every crack in the stone tile stood stark, every glaring error becoming focused where once it had been dulled by a haze of familiarity.

This was not his first time traipsing the mountain of these stairs, not his first time passing by the upper library,

not his first time passing by First Enchanter Irving's office--but it was the first time his journey had ended at this room: The Harrowing Chamber.

First Enchanter Irving and Knight-Commander Greagoir were already there, standing as centerpieces in the spacious, round chamber.

They were surrounded by an overabundant host of Templars, so numerous as to give even Surana pause.

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