Bad Blood
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Bad Blood

Seifer didn't know what he was thinking when he decided to run away to Trabia.

In his head, it was a chance to rebuild himself, to shake off the lingering threads of Ultimecia's control, and perhaps escape the stigma of being the guy that started a war.

He welcomed the solitude at the time, but now, as he stared out at the snow covered landscape outside the cabin window, he decided Trabia was not one of his favorite places.

He was essentially stranded here, deep in the mountains and there was no one around for miles.

Until the spring thaw, his truck was an ice sculpture on the front lawn and his only way out was a pair of snow skis and a narrow hunting trail that led to the nearest town.

In the beginning, he loved not having to deal with people. He loved the view and the quiet and the isolation.

He loved the fact that he didn't have to listen to Raijin and Fujin constantly bicker at one another or have to see that

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