Backwards (In High Heels)
Backwards (In High Heels) flirting stories

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A story by doreyg adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Backwards (In High Heels)

“So, just so we’re all clear on this,” he starts, shifting awkwardly in the pair of high heels that he borrowed off Roxy, “this is a completely ridiculous situation, yeah?”

“Stop complaining,” Merlin’s voice comes across the comm link in his ear, sounding aggressively bored as always.

He never knew a person could sound both aggressive and bored before he met Merlin, he thought the two were mutually exclusive emotions, “have you always been like this,

or have I just started paying more attention since you saved the world?”

“He’s always been like this,” Harry says delicately at his side, and places a hand on his back to guide him through the – thankfully – indifferent crowd.

He can feel the warmth of it, through the flimsy red fabric of the dress – it’s unsettling in several ways that he’s reluctant to think about, “from the moment I’ve met him,

he’s been prone to complaining. You think he’d be able to appreciate the chances handed to him, you think he’d be

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