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A short story by cesare adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Possibly the late hours, the gentlemen callers and the tight and shiny tops ought to have been a bit of a giveaway,

but Ewan honestly didn't twig to it that his flatmate was a rentboy til he walked in on him sucking some geezer off.

"Do you mind?" said the geezer indignantly, and then he looked twice and said to Jude, "That's flattering, love, but I think you'll be quite enough for me, no need to call for backup."

"Funny," said Jude, tugging away at the other man's plonker with one hand to keep the momentum up, his mouth moist and red.

"You what? I'm not on the job, I live here," Ewan said.

"Give us a tick, would you mate," said Jude, politely insistent. "I did mention I'd need the room.

" His mouth made a ripe wet succulent sound as he went right back to it, with Ewan still standing there.

"Right, sorry," Ewan said automatically, and withdrew, shutting the door.

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