Backpacks and Buzzers
Backpacks and Buzzers england (hetalia: axis powers) stories

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Backpacks and Buzzers

Alfred F. Jones did a lot of things. After all, college was the universally accepted “place of experimentation.

” Then again, that phrase probably referred to figuring out career options or buying a usable car.

Alfred F. Jones did a lot of stupid things.

Alfred was having this revelation standing on a beach. It was a pretty beach, all things considered. It had nice, clean sand. And there were other, pretty people standing on the beach.

They all looked serious. Correction: there was one average dude, but he looked pretty serious, too.

“And that’s your first challenge,” the host concluded.

Everyone gave a serious nod. Alfred had been zoning out.

A buzzer behind the host counted down to zero, and then everyone standing on the beach turned and ran into the wilderness behind the pretty beach.

Alfred looked at the host, at the cameras, gave a grin, and jogged after everyone.

Alright. Well, there was a challenge. Probably about scavenging food or finding water or something equally as survival-y.

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