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A/N: In July 2010, Miz won Money in the Bank.

This idea was born from it, and even though initially it was only supposed to continue on until Miz cashed in his briefcase,

I grew more and more attached to the story in the nineteen weeks that I spent on it. So when readers suggested I continue it past that point, I was an easy sell.

It's now well past its third year and, after a friend encouraged me to join AO3, I decided to upload it here as well. I'll be posting a chapter a day. Hope you all enjoy!

It was barely twenty four hours ago. His head is still swimming with the fact that the red briefcase which his hands are clutching is all his.

As much as he enjoys being US champion, the briefcase opens up new possibilities- with a world title at the end of it all.

Something he has been working harder at since Sheamus came out of nowhere and won the WWE title- a fellow competitor who had gained notice on ECW and quickly moved to Raw and the main event,

a fact that makes Miz sick. He's been derailed by many things on the way but now he's determined to make it to that brass ring that has always seemed so far away from him.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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