Baby Making(Mature)
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Baby Making(Mature)

“Okay, boys and girls. Today ,I have In my big library box, Tommy and His Dinosaurs, Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal and The Magic School Bus In The Time Of The Dinosaurs.

Which one would you like for me to read?”

For a few moments, the young kids sitting in front of you, on the small beans bags think hard and long.

You don’t mind, in fact, being here, in the local library makes you feel great, like you’re doing something for the community and for these youngsters.

“Miss(Y/N) I want Junie B. Jones!”

One boy screams out loud, making his choice clear and simple. He wants to hear about the adventure of the special kindergartener

“No, I want The Magic School Bus!”

This time, the scream is coming towards a girl, who just like the boy wants that story. She doesn’t want to hear about the first story but now, the special bus.

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