Baby, Can You Dig Your Man
Baby, Can You Dig Your Man james "bucky" barnes/steve rogers stories

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Baby, Can You Dig Your Man

The proverbial rabbit dies in the form of a plus appearing on the end of a little plastic stick and Steve is less surprised than he should be.

Oh he still ends up sitting on the floor of his apartment with his head in his hands but that’s more because he’s swimming in possible consequences than from shock.

He did have unsafe sex during heat, after all. What did he expect?

He counts to fifty then fishes his cell phone out of his pocket and calls Sam.

Sam picks up on the second ring. He's good about his phone that way. “Hello?”

“I’m pregnant.” Steve doesn’t really see the point of mincing words with Sam.


“Yeah. Sam, I’m so pregnant. I think I might pass out.”

“Are you sitting down?”


“Well at least you won’t have far to fall.”

“You are so helpful. I’m so glad I called you.”

“I’m honestly not sure what you’re looking for me to say here buddy.”

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