Baby, Baby, I'll Get Down on My Knees for You
Baby, Baby, I'll Get Down on My Knees for You welch vineyard stories

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Baby, Baby, I'll Get Down on My Knees for You

When Edge received the news Crowe was to be promoted to Captain, a torrent of emotions washed over him like the waves on a sandy beach that he only dreamt of seeing.

Happiness for his best friend and lover coursed through him – after all, Crowe definitely had worked his butt off to accomplish such a promotion at such a young age.

Edge wanted to celebrate with his red-haired friend and in more ways than one.

Whether they would find the time for a personal celebration remained to be seen, but Edge at least could pretend they could share a private moment.

Still, other emotions overshadowed his happiness and his elation for Crowe.

When he compared himself to his best friend and how much the other man accomplished in such a short amount of time, his happiness and his desires to celebrate with his best friend vanished.

Crowe no longer appeared the best friend type in Edge's mind but rather the rival who needed to be overcome and bested, and he hated himself for feeling the way he did.

Edge couldn't help it, however. He wanted, he

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