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A work by afteriwake adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It was awkward, being around him these days.

After hearing his thoughts the day she'd gotten shot,

and then knowing he’d gone to the singles night afterward at Verdant… She wanted to strangle Emily for telling him she’d heard his thoughts but to be honest, with her being shot and all and

having told her partner about the invulnerability wish, maybe she deserved it. But it didn’t make her life any easier, she’d grant that.

But she missed being around Crichton. Not that they’d had as much time anyway, with him teaching at the Academy for the summer session.

It seemed to be a good fit for him, and she was glad for that. He needed something that was a good fit, better than being a detective here was for her.

But he had a bit of freedom until the regular school year started in September and she felt it was best to celebrate that,

and so she was over with the good beer and trying to ignore any unpleasant awkwardness. Admittedly, alcohol helped.

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