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A story by thedarkrescuer adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...



Rating: T/M

Genre: Romance/Drama

Pairings/Characters: IchiSaku(Tsubasa);

Canon/Timeline: before Bleach vol 1;

It was no news for him, who was used to see spirits ever since he was little, to talk to them, to interact with them; As the years went by, he started liking them a bit more,

even though he didn't know why they disappeared, why there were blood stains on the floor, as if something very wrong had happened.

The spirits of kids and old aged people were the ones he talked the most.

Until someday, when he was 15, he found a girl about his age.

She was using a different school uniform -

and the chain in her chest looked bigger than the others he had ever seen.

In fact, it didn't looked broken, just invisible, even for the girl herself, where this chain would go. But the thing is, Ichigo and this girl started to form a bond.

She would help him with the other spirits, and would be waiting for him in the very same spot everyday. They would talk until before the twilight all the afternoons about anything.

Even the bruises he got from the fights with some thugs from his school, thanks to his colorful orange hair.

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