Avengers x Reader Stories
Avengers x Reader Stories james "bucky" barnes stories

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Avengers x Reader Stories

It started out as a normal night in Avenger Tower. But then Tony got drunk. As did Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Loki, and Thor.

Tony hangs upside down from the couch with a beer bottle in his hand. Then he calls out, "Cap!"

"Yes?" Steve replies. Steve is trying to learn how to play Ratchet and Clank, but he keeps messing up, causing you to sit next to him and correct his movements and missed hits every five minutes.

"You can't get drunk, right?"


"With HUMAN beer."

"Is there any other type?"


"Never tried it."

"I wanna see you try it."

"I'm pretty sure Thor doesn't have any of that."

Loki strolls through the room with a beer bottle in hand, slurring, "Stash in his chambers under his bed."

Tony smirks. "Ha."

Steve just keeps trying to defeat the Blarg. "I'm not going to try it, Tony. Aah! What did I just fall in?"

You reply, "Lava. You can bounce off it once, but if you do it twice, you'll die."

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