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Avengers Preferences

Bucky: Well the first time you ever “slept over” at Bucky’s apartment, he had no shame stripping down before getting into bed.

You were surprised when he just got into bed like that, especially with you there for the first time.

But over time you learned to enjoy waking up with abs in your face and the very sleepy soldier in front of you.

He later explained when he sleeps he gets too hot, after all the cryo it fried his nerves so he's immune to the cold and always is hot.

But he also loves seeing your face all squished against his chest in the mornings, with drool coming out of your mouth.

He likes skin to skin contact and feels it's important for the relationship, plus who wouldn't want to cuddle with Bucky Barnes’s abs?

Steve: The two of you were so entwined with one another while you slept, you looked like vines growing up the side of a building.

Steve had his left leg between your two, and his right underneath. His arms were tightly around your waist, and clasped behind your back.

It was almost like he had spent so much time alone while sleeping in the ice, he never wanted to feel alone in his sleep ever again.

You didn’t mind, especially since he was beginning to smell like home to you.

There has been a few times where you woke up in the middle of the night, and quickly discovered you were the big spoon. Nothing else mattered in those moments than holding your love in your arms.

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