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Avengers kinks oneshots desk sex stories

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Avengers kinks oneshots

“(Y/N)! Come on where are you. You can't hide for ever” Tony shouted looking for you.

You have been playing hide and seek for the last hour. Tony was say that we was the king in the game so you decided to run him for his money.

While he was counting you go into the elevator and went to the basements where all of Tony’s ‘toys’ were.

You frantically ran around the room and spotted him iron man suit so you decided to hide in there.

You watched as Tony walk past you again for the tenth time. You slightly giggle at the frustrated look on Tony's face. This caused him to look your way and slowly walked towards you.

You held your breath as he got closer then walked away. You couldn't see where he was in the room as the suit was not on. You could tell he was still in the room by all the noise he was making.

But when it suddenly stopped you let out a big huff and froze as the lights when off.

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