Author Commentary for Roots and Anchors
Author Commentary for Roots and Anchors author commentary stories

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Author Commentary for Roots and Anchors

Author’s notes:

I have written fanfic for over 20 years but not in this fandom and never on a site not under my own control.

However, after watching the Marvel Universe movies with my husband, a plot bunny invaded my head and insists on being recorded.

I have hopes that it will not become the epic saga so many of my stories turn into.

It is not complete, and I have no set schedule of when I’ll add updates, but I will do my best to update it regularly and finish it in a timely fashion.

This is set before

Megan took a deep breath as she tucked her wallet back into her purse and picked up her tray, scanning the cafeteria for a spot to sit down and eat lunch.

Steeling herself, she headed towards the end of the farthest table and the lone figure that sat there. “Mind if I join you?” she asked shyly.

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