Auribus Teneo Lupum
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Auribus Teneo Lupum

The Reiss Kingdom is divided into three large districts which – more or less – define the living situation of its residents.

The great district of Sina – although much smaller compared to the other two districts – houses the most prestigious families in the kingdom, including the Royal Family itself.

The Royal Castle sit atop a hill at the center of the district where it overlooks the beautiful houses and buildings in all of the kingdom.

The second largest district of the Reiss Kingdom is the district of Rose where most middle-class families live – where merchants mostly reside and go about their businesses.

The largest territory claimed under the Reiss Kingdom belongs to the residents that find a living in working on the fields with livestock and nature itself – is the district of Maria.

The Survey Corps is a faction of the Military Forces the King himself built decades ago in order to survey and counteract rebel and anarchist groups that try to disrupt the peace within

the kingdom and overthrow the Royal Family.

It is stationed in the district of Maria, where it is closer to the nests of bandits, thugs and possibly the hideouts and origins of the rebel and anarchist groups trying to enter the kingdom.

The Military Police – also known as the Royal Guards – is a military faction especially made for the protection of the Royal Family.

Only top marking recruits are given the privilege to join the Royal Guards, serve directly under the King and live within the inner wall where its headquarters were stationed.

The Garrison is the third military faction which is in charge of the basic handlings within the Kingdom – dealing with the baser forms of crime against the Royal Laws.

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