Aura In Blue.
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A fanfic by mrsacrichton adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Aura In Blue.

Aura In Blue.

Claudia stood in the travel costume department trailer, looking at herself in a long mirror. She wasn't sure about this costume.

They were filming a Earth scene for the episode "Kansas"

Earlier that year Ben had left his wife and had moved in with Claudia.

Claudia sighed and thought about the lines she was saying in the scene.

"Wow" Gigi smiled from the doorway in her Chiana costume and make up.

Claudia turned to face her best friend.

"What do you think?" Claudia asked unsure.

"Wow" Gigi repeated. "Been working out a lot have WE?" Gigi beamed at her from her spot by the door.

Claudia could feel her face beginning to burn red.

"Yes a lot" Claudia beamed at her.

Claudia wasn't going to lie to her best friend about the sex she and Ben were having, really amazing, mind-blowing, loud sex.


Now she was thinking of that time when she and Ben, snuck onto the Talyn sets last season to have sex on the Command set, in one of the corridors and against John's sleeping bunk.

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