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Ugh, she should’ve worn something different. Something more sci-fi. She’s in jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt and some of her lowest heels, and the woman sitting next to her is wearing a catsuit.

She looks good. She looks like the other actresses sitting here waiting to read for the leading lady part. Blonde. Cute. Petite. Claudia is none of those things.

Why did her friend convince her to read for this part? She is not the type they are looking for.

Her friend (the casting director, after all) assured her that the producers liked what they saw of her reading with actors for other roles on this show.

They wanted her to audition for this part. She tries not to let a sigh escape. She’s tired.

She’s shooting a movie and she didn’t have time to think about what to wear, and now she’s sitting next to a woman in a catsuit. Who looks good. But, she’s interested in this part, this show.

It’s the biggest production that Australia’s seen, and so much money is going into the set and costumes, and it’s been what everyone talks about for months. So, she’s here.

She wants to be a part of it, but she doesn’t want to be laughed out of the audition room. The door opens and the PA calls out some name, not hers.

The catsuit gets up and walks to the door—she seems really confident. She has one of those perfect faces with a perfect nose and a petite frame with big boobs.

She’ll probably get the part, she’s exactly what they’re looking for, some kind of Aryan-like type.

Well, it never hurts to audition—just more experience for the next one, and maybe she can get the guest alien-of-the-week role. That would be good.

Claudia looks down at the script and thinks some more about how she wants to play this part. Might as well give it her all.

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