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A story by terisutaen (orphan_account) adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The highway seemed lonesome, ghostly even; it was a little too quiet as Adam thought. Adam sighed softly as he was listening to music on his long drive to help keep him awake on the road.

He was driving both him and his friend, Tommy, back to his home after spending an entire night at the local nightspot.

aIt was just unfortunate that Tommy ended up drunk and then collapsed on the dance floor, and so thus the journey home was quiet.

Adam was exhausted after the night, it was a fun experience although it left him feeling groggy inside.

After all, it was not often that he would visit nightclubs, drink alcoholic beverages, and basically have fun.

His drive took him along a road through the rolling foothills, and it was almost difficult for him to keep an eye on the road due to the moonlights glow.

It distracted the tired man; he would often cast glimpses towards the majestic moonlight view above.

One sight that caught his eye was an old castle in the distance, residing towards the left; it was a castle he had admired on many trips before.

However, this enchanting night time view would prove to be too much for the exhausted man, he closed his eyes only for a moment before immediately snapping them open once more,

waking up only to find his car about to tumble off over the edge of a hill.

Stunned with fear, Adam was now clouded with never-ending worry as he quickly turned to face the neighbouring seat to see if Tommy was all right.

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