Attack on Google +
Attack on Google + video blogging rpf stories

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Attack on Google +

The blonde girl winced as she woke up from her slumber, ice blue orbs squinting in the unforgiving sunlight that poured in through the bus window.

She rubbed both eyes to ease the burn beneath their lids and then stretched out her limbs until she heard a subtle pop.

Looking about herself, she could see only a few people were still asleep in their cushy white bus seats.

Most of them were only sleeping in now because they had stayed up late the previous night.

No matter how comfortable the interior of these traveling buses were, no one was ever quite acquainted with sleeping in an upright position and so it took quite some time to fully fall asleep.

The blonde dared to look outside again, noticing some familiar signs coming in and out of her view through the window. It looks like she had woken up at the right time. Her destination was near.

It would only be a matter of time before-

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