Attack of Winter and Summer
Attack of Winter and Summer jokul frosti stories

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Attack of Winter and Summer

Jack Frost flew over the town of burgess, just having blanketed the town in six inches of snow.

He planned to make things perfect for the world’s biggest snowball fight for Jamie and his friends tomorrow.

Jack flew over and landed in a cushiony snow drift by his lake, as the sun was about to set, and thought of his planes for the approaching winter.

This winter wasn’t going to be too bad, quit mild in fact, to some peoples standards.

There were only planes for three big snow storms in America alone and not that much snow coverage in the northern hemisphere.

Mother Nature must have thought to give him a break since the first few years have been so tuff with his new position as a Guardian.

He had gotten to know all the guardians so much over the years. North and Tooth felt like the parents he wished he still had, they were always worrying over him and making sure he was okay.

Bunny and Sandy were no better, they took protective older brother and uncle to the extreme some times, some days, like today,

Jacks was surprised that he had yet to see one of the guardians while he was making his wintry rounds. This should have alerted Jack that something was amiss, but he just enjoyed the silence.

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