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After the war, Hermione was the only one of the Trio who returned to Hogwarts to finish her "seventh" year.

Ron and Harry had immediately accepted their honorary NEWTS and went straight into Auror Training.

Hermione couldn't accept those NEWTS. She didn't feel right taking something she didn't achieve herself. She wanted to sit down and do the hard work herself.

Professor McGonagall was pleased when Hermione expressed interest in returning to the school. A few other students returned as well.

Hermione was surprised to see that Draco Malfoy had returned to Hogwarts to re-do his final year.

He claimed that the stress of having Voldemort live in his home caused his focus and grades to suffer. The school board agreed to let him re-do the year.

At first, there was a lot of awkwardness and tension between the two of them. However, after a shouting match, which then turned into a sob fest, the two of them instantly became friends.

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