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Atlantis Returns

The University of Montressor was a low, ranging sprawl of shingle-roofed brick buildings.

Some were red, more were grey and all were in a heavy, old-fashioned architectural style that tended towards ponderousness and solidity.

As was usually the case, a light drizzle was falling and the few windows that were still lit so late at night were speckled with raindrops.

The large copper observatory dome of the School of Astronomy and Astrophysics was running with countless small rivulets that pooled on the roof beneath and then trickled out of the mouths of

the gargoyles. Below one of them, a light was on in an upper-floor study, the window of which was at least half-obscured by irregular piles of books and folders. Below them, Dr.

Delbert Doppler was poring over tables of data spread out on his desk.

A cup of tea had long since gone cold and been relegated to a spare corner of the desk where a number of others were already stacked.

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