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short story by frecklefaceb adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

At Your Service

Varro lets out a shout and shakes his shackles in frustration.

He can’t believe he allowed Ashur to get into his head.

Everyone knew Ashur was scum, but Varro had lost all restraint when he swore he didn’t find Aurelia or his son, the only blood in their modest dwelling.

He knew better than to listen to him and now Varro found himself chained to a wall after being blinded by rage and attacking the messenger.

Disgusted with himself, Varro slides down the wall to sit on the cold hard dirt.

“I deserve to sit on the ground like a common dog.” He says to no one.

Leaning his head against the stone with his arms dangling from the chains and shackles above,

he attempts to occupy his thoughts by imagining what it will be like to return to life outside the ludus walls.

The shuffling of feet wakes Varro from a light slumber, and he sees one of the slave girls being ushered into the room by a guard.

She offers a small smile as the heavy door makes a loud clank behind her.

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