At The Same Level
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A fan work by milflover07 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

At The Same Level

Vera went into Joan’s office to discuss a few things right after the staff meeting regarding “the Jodie Spiteri matter.

” “Hopefully we’ll know who left the pencil there and what their motive was. I trust you Vera. These incidents cannot keep on happening. I blame Bridget Westfall.

- For a lack of competence?

Careful with her choice of words, Joan tilted her head to the side, and looking at Vera, rectified: “of

. Oh I don’t doubt that she’s very capable, but I’m not sure she belongs in a correctional facility,” she added with a sly smile.

-Unfortunately it was the board’s decision.

-Yes, not mine. But I am merely suggesting that in this matter, she’s as much to blame as anyone else.

It’s ironic when you think the board sent her to “monitor” the rate of such potential unfortunate events and make sure they wouldn’t occur.

But let’s not give them anymore reason to interfere, shall we? A prison needs to be controlled from the inside, and that implies that

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