At the Helm
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At the Helm

Inside the Lerkim, he stayed holed up tight.

The Once-ler would try to stay warm at night

With his final Thneed wrapped around his neck fast,

He’d close his eyes, see how long sleep would last

Against his eyelids, he saw the soft Fluff

And the Truffula Trees, he missed enough

Missed enough that his Thneed was his one care

And memories of the forest once there

Around his store, where the Bar-ba-loots grew

Eating tree fruit in their Bar-ba-loot suits

And the Swomee Swans colored the whole sky

The Humming Fish hummed their songs, in mind’s eye

Of the Once-ler, who longed for all to return

Whose heart in his sleep would begin to burn

At the sound of the alarm down the stairs

The Once-ler opened his eyes, tried to care.

He looks outside to the boy down below

And he gestures to his pail and old rope

In go fifteen cents and a rusty nail,

Shell of a great-great-great-grandfather snail

The Once-ler put them into the Snuvv hole

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