At the Edge of Lasg'len
At the Edge of Lasg'len shana monaghan stories

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At the Edge of Lasg'len

Earlene stepped off the plane at Donegal International Airport, feeling desperately tired after traveling so far and enduring a tedious layover.

And perhaps, feeling so filled with inner trepidation as well. Going through the terminal at JFK had proven to be a more emotional experience than she'd bargained for.

That she was truly leaving New York, and America itself, never to return...the emotions that might go along with it had not crossed her mind.

As the aircraft devoured the miles over the Atlantic on its way to Dublin,

she tried to reassure herself with her usual intellectual reasoning that all would be well; this journey was the culmination of years of careful planning.

Focus, discipline, unwavering dedication and determination characterized her life to date. A number of prestigious scholarships had seen her though a stellar academic career.

At the end of four years of difficult study beyond her bachelor's degree, she graduated from Columbia Law School with an emphasis on corporate practice.

Shortly afterward she passed the bar exam with flying colors, and the rewards for her efforts followed.

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