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At Play

Jean stuck his head inside the station break room just as Luc was laying out his lunch. “The Captain is sparring with Leïto!” he said breathlessly, and ducked back into the hallway.

Without hesitation, Luc abandoned his food and darted after him.

He turned right, but whipped back around when Jean called out, “Not in the gym, outside!” as he joined the steady stream of officers heading for the front door.

Following, Luc spared a sympathetic look for Sergeant Blanchet as he passed him at the duty desk.

The Captain hadn't done a sparring demonstration in months, and Luc had never seen him fight Leïto.

Everyone knew who Leïto was.

They called him a 'community leader' these days when they were training the new transfers,

but only because there wasn't a good word for 'that former convict who used to go around blowing up the wall and saved the president's life that one time'.

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