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At 40

There are things that Mia knows about herself-really knows, deep down in her bones where aliases and bullets and lies can't penetrate.

She is forty years old and a fifth grade teacher. She has two children, Jack and Sloane, and a husband, Brian. Her husband is a mechanic.

She has one sibling by blood, Dom, one by marriage, Letty, and several more in every way that counts. The love that she has for her family is blazing, fierce, and unapologetic.

She lives on the outskirts of LA, with her husband, kids, and a spare bedroom that is in use more often than not. She can drive a car at 275mph.

(She starts sweating a little around 255, but her hands have never slipped.)

There have not been aliases or bullets or lies for a long time now. Not since she was thirty three years old, pregnant with her daughter, and her husband came home for good.

But still, Mia has learned to keep what matters locked within her, just in case.

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